The Date Background Check

In today’s world of technological advances and fast paced everything there is a little gem now available to make the world of online and offline dating much safer.  Now you can simply enter a phone number in a search box and within a matter of minutes, if not seconds, get a full background check on your date before or after.  The process does not require consist and is perfectly legal because the person’s information is being pulled from a public records database.

It is now possible to instantly find out if your potential hot date has a nasty criminal record.  Better still, you will know about any problems with their background upfront.  This will put you in the position of knowing, if you ask certain questions, if they are lying to you.  It can’t get any better than that.  Some might think this approach is a little sneaky, but many more would prefer to be more safe than sorry.

date checker app Got a Hot Date?  Background Check Your Date First to Be Safer!Date Safe Date Checker by PhoneRegistry®  Try it Now for Just $1 Here

This valuable service will put you in the position to check anyone,  hot dates – nannies or contractors, with a phone number.

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Performing a background check before going on a date can help you stay safe. Know how to protect yourself with guidance from a dating expert in this free video….


Most Hot Dates are Just an illusion, is Yours?

Marriage rates in America keep dropping, and the prospect of dating — especially online — in a two-degrees-of-separation town can seem almost … undignified. Not to mention utterly discouraging, and sometimes, downright dangerous.

That’s why Alice Sullivan, a 32-year-old writer and editor, has a message for online dating services: I’m just not that into you. She’s planning to let her account lapse when it expires … right around Valentine’s Day. “At this point, it’s totally just entertainment for me,” she says. “Because I don’t think anything is going to come of it, except for really awkward stories.” Not awkward, as in long pauses over lattes. Awkward, as in guys texting her penis pictures. As in her date urinating in his pants during dinner.

As in convicted sex offender.

She met him through an online dating service and went out with him twice. “He was handsome,” she says. But something didn’t feel quite right to her, something she couldn’t define.

And then, after their second date, he confessed: “He’d been busted in a raid,” Sullivan says, “because he had sent naked pictures of himself to [a] supposed 14-year-old.” Who, fortunately, turned out to be a police officer.

“Pretty much like To Catch a Predator,” she adds.  Read more….

It is important to mentioned that using one of these services is completely anonymous.  And as former President Ronald Regan would say, it’s always good to trust but verify.

date checker app Got a Hot Date?  Background Check Your Date First to Be Safer!Date Safe Date Checker by PhoneRegistry®  Try it Now for Just $1 Here


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